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Macroeconomia - Corso D    

Dott.ssa Maria Rosa SOBRERO
Prof.ssa Giovanna NICODANO

Ordinamento: NOD Nuovo ordinamento didattico
Crediti: 9
Area: Area economica
Settore: SECS-P/01 Economia politica
Durata: 63 ore
Attivato nel: II semestre
Sede: Torino
The course provides a unified framework to introduce classic macroeconomic issues such as output, inflation, unemployment, interest rate, growth and exchange rates.
It includes analysis of monetary and fiscal policy designed to achieve the established goals.


National income accounting.
The goods markets.
Financial markets.
Goods and financial markets: the IS-LM model.
The labour market .
Putting all markets together: the AS-AD model.
The natural rate of unemployment and the Phillips Curve.
Inflation, activity and nominal money growth.
Saving, capital accumulation and output.
Technological progress and growth.
Technological progress, wages and unemployment.
Expectations, consumption and investment.
Expectations, output and policy.
Output, the interest rate and the exchange rate.
Exchange rate regimes.

Key competences

Knowledge and understanding
Rational behaviour of economic agents, useful to make close contact with current macroeconomic events.

Applying knowledge and understanding
Elementary knowledge of concepts and methods of efficient decision making, graphic analysis of simple economic phenomena.

Making judgements
Use of elementary but abstract macroeconomic models, to judge what can happen in the context of a real world.

Communication skills
Translate into day-to-day language the impact of different policies, such as monetary and fiscal policies, on the aggregate behaviour of individuals.
Use of formulas and graphic analysis to explain possible consequences of an economic phenomenon.

Learning skills
It is very recommended that the student takes the habit of explaining with personal reasonings every proposed analysis of agents' behaviour and market outcomes

Further informations

Examination modalities: a written test, followed by an oral discussion, only if requested.


Olivier Blanchard, Macroeconomia, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2009.
David W. Findlay, Esercizi di macroeconomia. Guida allo studio dei testi di Olivier Blanchard,
Il Mulino, Bologna, 2009.
(Modificato il 21/09/2011)

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